What are Professional Dreamweaver Templates?

The website you create on the World Wide Web must help you the most money make. For this those websites must have an unswerving look and should be always be more attractive to the eyes of the users. This is where the need of the Dreamweaver templates arises for. As these Adobe Dreamweaver templates relieve the designer from much of the tiresome job of editing each and every web page. The reason behind this is that, once the template is created then it can be applied it to the preliminary pages. So, what about the changes if needed to be done or say to alter? Can be done to the template and they automatically apply it to all of the pages that are based on the template.

Using of this Professional Dreamweaver Templates is just of two steps. First create the template, next instantiate the template into one or more actual web documents. Here are few information on the creation and usage of the Professional Adobe Dreamweaver Template and this would make it easier to understand what and how these professional Dreamweaver templates work.

These Adobe Dreamweaver Templates can be used whenever there are a group of pages that shares a common basic layout features, which is also with a clear areas on to be customized. So, now about the creation of these templates, Adobe Dreamweaver comes with two methods to create a template- creating a template from an existing page, and another one is to create a template from a new page.

The following are the steps to create a Dreamweaver template from a new page: Click the File menu, select New, in the Category column that is to the left of the popped up New Document dialog box select Template page. Then in the template column, that is to the right select HTML template. And finally click the Create button that is placed to the lower right corner of the dialog box. Thus creating a template next is to save the template so created. Click on the File menu and click save to save the template created. In the save as Template box that popped up, type in the name for the template in the bottom entry field, which is labeled Save as. Dreamweaver will now automatically create a Templates folder and saves the template into it. The template will have an extension of .dwt file.

Now a new template is created next is to populate them. So, as to populate a simple Dreamweaver template, add the content and mark that content as editable wherever applicable. But one thing must be considered carefully about the fact, that the content may be replicated on all instance pages, as it is based on your template.

So, next step is to create a page based on this template that is created, as by creating the page with template it allows you to make changes in any of the editable regions. One great thing about this is that making any change is made very simple with the Adobe Dreamweaver allowing to edit the regions of the page that are with editable enabled, but trying to edit anywhere other than this area will turn impossible. Now the customizing of the page is done and finally save that page. The main advantage of using these templates is that, it can be used as the time savers. Creating it once and using it in future to create and edit any number of pages all together without any additional work or efforts.


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